Cristi is from Chapel Hill and grew up in Lake Forest. Her first pets were a Collie named Dixie and Kitty the cat. At just six years old, she fell in love with horses and began competing. As she grew, her passion for animals expanded to include parrots, exotics and tropical fish.

After spending a year in vet tech school and attending a four-year university, she moved to Denver and eventually to a community just outside of Aspen. There, she worked at a cattle ranch, roping out sick calves and administering medication and caring for a flock of dogs. She also ran an art gallery and spent her mornings with her horse, Reba.

Cristi lives in Chapel Hill with her two parrots, two cats and 17-year-old teen. With experience in doggy rehab, administering shots to cats, grooming horses, socializing shelter dogs, and rescue work after hurricanes and other storms, Cristi certainly has well-rounded pet care experience.

Pet Care Specialties

Dogs & cats
Plus: Horses, birds, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, rats, lizards & fish


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