A native to North Carolina, Shondra grew up on a family farm where she spent time with animals of all kinds, including dogs, cats and farm animals. Through the years, she has also cared for many rescues and pets with disabilities.

While Shondra’s career has been split between working as a correctional officer and in the hospitality industry, she’s never shied away from her love of animals. She takes every opportunity to shower Walk & Wag pets with affection! In her spare time, Shondra enjoys taking in North Carolina’s natural beauty through hiking, snow skiing, biking and kayaking. She’s also been known to┬ápick up strays and either find their owners or rehome them herself.

Pet Care Specialties

Dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters & fish
Plus: Rabbits, chickens, horses, mice, snakes & lizards


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