A native Chapel Hillian, Will has returned home to pursue an MS in Biostastistics at UNC after a nine-year hiatus on the other side of the world – China. He traveled the long distance back with his wife and their two cats, a Calico named Bubumi (which means “rice crispy” in Chinese) and a British Shorthair/Munchkin mix named Charles. 

Will grew up in a pet-filled house – dogs, cats, fish, rabbits and even chameleons. As an only child, he developed a close connection with his animal friends and now feels no home is complete without at least a few pets. In his free time, you can find Will hiking with his dogs or lounging with his cats.

Pet Care Specialties

Dogs & cats
Plus: Fish, chameleons, rabbits, chickens, goats,
snakes, guinea pigs, hamsters & birds


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