National Cat Day: Walk & Wag Kitties!

Did you know that October 29 is National Cat Day? Did you also know that our Walk & Wag family includes lots of whiskered members? Enjoy this sampling and descriptions of our numerous precious kitties!

National Cat Day is a very special day meant to celebrate all things cat and to help more kitties find their forever homes. Take some time today (and every day) to celebrate your favorite feline friends.

Halloween is upon us, so please make sure your black cat (and all cats!) are safely indoors. We also invite kitty entries in our Annual Halloween Pet Photo Contest. To enter, send a pic of your cat in costume to (please make sure your kitties are always comfortable). You could win a MeowBox and $100 of Walk & Wag services! Click here for contest details. All US residents are welcome to enter.


Holden is a happy member of our Walk & Wag family. He loves to flop around on his stairs because he knows he’ll get lots of pets. His mom’s nickname for him “king of the castle stairs.”



Like her brother Holden, Phoebe is a beautiful Russian Blue. Her favorite spot is the foyer, as she is the official house greeter!


Erik is team member Liz’s kitty. He’s 14 now and enjoys hanging out in the bathroom each morning. He gets a drink out of the sink and helps Liz get ready for the day. Click here to see our post about Erik and his sister Wynne Dixie on National Cat Day last year.

Wynne Dixie

Wynne Dixie is team member Liz’s little girl. She’s 14 now and is enjoying fall days on the second floor balcony. Click here to see our post about Wynne Dixie and her brother Erik on National Cat Day last year.


Harry loves to sit in the window watching out for his Walk & Wag cat sitter. His nickname is Mr. Fuzzy Butt, and he enjoys posing for pictures and drinking water out of sink faucets, Liz.


Maddie has been a part of our Walk & Wag family for a long time. She’s a beautiful Bengal, a domestic breed that looks more like a leopard than an ordinary house cat.


Spot is a very handsome boy. He enjoys curling up on his blankie by his scratching post. Dry food is not his favorite, but he loves his canned food

Happy National Cat Day!

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