Chris is the professional trainer on our team. And although we don’t officially offer training, she shares her valuable knowledge with us. In fact, she’s a phone call away when clients have questions. Prior to teaching puppies, Chris taught in the Massachusetts public school system for 34 years.

She attends seminars and workshops on obedience, agility, behavior, tracking and more. She’s trained at Paws4Ever, Bon Clyde Learning Center and belongs to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and K9Kindness. Two of Chris’s dogs, Tully and Trotter, have earned national rankings.

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Fido, (Don’t) Come! Week 1

Follow professional, Chris O’Connor, as she walks you through this 4-week training course. Discover why ‘come’ doesn’t mean ‘come’ to your dog any more – and how to develop an all-new cue. In just four weeks, you’ll have your dog ignoring squirrels and responding instantly to your commands. Let’s get started. Read More +


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