Why Walk and Wag?

Why Walk & Wag?

Actually, the short answer is simple: our people.

Walk & Wag has been a local, independent business since 2010 – and hires only the best of the best. Lisa Kang, owner and founder, personally meets and handpicks every team member.

Here’s who she selects to care for your pets:

Experienced People

Every Walk & Wag team member has a history of pet care. Many grew up with animals. Most own at least one cat or dog of their own. And some even work for local animal shelters and animal rights agencies.

Professional People

In addition to being long-time pet lovers, our team members have amazing diverse professional career paths. Our team includes PhD’s, pilots, writers, teachers, lawyers, grad students, personal trainers, professional soccer goalies, and more. So they all know what it means to be professional.

Reliable People

Our walkers are available 365 days a year – rain or shine. They always go the extra mile. They brush up on your pet’s breed. And share your pet’s funny stories and adorable photos and videos with you via texts, e-mails, pet logs, and on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube (of course, only with your approval).

Animal Lovers

We love animals. And know animals. So we can identify behavioral or medical issues your pet may be developing. We don’t train, but are very dog savvy and – when needed – we’ll work with you and a trainer to help your dog be the best he/she can be.


Our clients are like family. We’re there when needed most – the birth of a new child, the passing of a loved one, or arrival of new puppy. We’re there in the background – discreetly, confidentially – giving your pets the love they need when you can’t.

So if you’re looking for the best possible care for your pet, look to Walk & Wag. Ultimately, exceptional pet care is about exceptional people.