Cat Body Language

This month, we are featuring a series of posts from Certified Professional Dog Trainer and owner of Paws in Training Angel Wasserman about cat behavior and traits. In this post, Angel uses an infographic to explain cat body language.

Cats express themselves using a variety of head and body postures that are unique to their species. Learning about these various postures and what they mean can help you understand your cat and improve your relationship with your feline friend.

Interpreting Body Language

Ever wonder “How to know what a cat is trying to tell you?” All felines have a distinct body language with different body postures that each convey different meanings and emotions. By monitoring the typical behavior of your cat, you will quickly learn how to interpret the cat’s body language.

For cat trainers, it is critical to be able to decipher a cat’s movements, including her tail, legs, body, breathing, head, ears, eyes, whiskers, and sounds to determine the cat’s level of stress and anxiety.

What Is Your Cat Trying to Tell You?

Angel Wasserman, CCBC, CPDT

Certified Behavior Consultant-Canine
Paws in Training, Inc.
(919) 896-2859 

This infographic was reposted from the Paws in Training website. Find Paws in Training on FacebookGoogle+ and Yelp. Check out Woof It Up! A Guide To Happy Dogs and Happy Owners, available in paperback or E-Book formats.

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