How do you choose a puppy? What are the best practices for your pet’s dental health? Where can you find a great dog cookie recipe?

Find the answers to these and many more pet care questions, right here. Our ongoing blogs, videos, guidebooks and links will help you understand and care for your pet.

Walk & Wag Team

Happy 2020!

Thank you to all our Walk & Waggers for a fantastic year. It's such a joy to take care of your darling pets, and we're so excited to start the new year with you! Happy 2020! Read More +

Walk & Wag Team

5th Annual Walk & Wag Halloween Costume Contest

Grand Prize - $100 Walk & Wag Gift Certificate with BarkBox or MeowBox Enter: Send a pic of your pet in costume to by November 4. Tell us your pet’s name and any fun facts about their costume. The top 5 finalists will be voted on by our team… Read More +

Lenore Braford

Chicken Care 101: Social & Emotional Care

Thinking about adding chickens to your family? In this five-part blog series, we’ll cover the basics to help you decide if bringing chickens into your life is the right choice for both you and the birds. You’ll learn about chicken adoption, safe housing, medical care, proper diet, and the importance… Read More +