Team Member Product Review: Ssscat

Walk and Wag family,

Some of you might be delighted to learn that there is an inexpensive, effective product called Ssscat® Spray Deterrent from PetSafe. This product works on misbehaving dogs and cats.

Does your sweetie pie have the bad habit of sneaking to the trash while you are away or does your precious indoor kitty dream of zooming out the front door?

If so, consider using Ssscat. It can be set up anywhere that your furry friend should not be! The nozzle is adjustable, and two to three sprays will usually do the trick.

This product is motion-activated and safely keeps your furry ones away from any “off limits” areas, such as the trash, heading out the front door, etc. A sensor in the can detects your pet’s movement and releases a quick burst of harmless, annoying spray.

You can order it through PetSafe or on Amazon. Don’t forget to have four AAA batteries on hand.

Let us know if you use the product and have a success story.

Walk & Wag Team Member Liz

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